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Caring for ourselves and our communities. 

I have always known that my purpose is to help others. To do all that I can to encourage others to care for themselves so that we have the ability to care for and support those around us. I believe that what keeps us well is constantly changing. Our health and happiness are dynamic and a result of the care and love we are able to show to ourselves. 

During the many years that I spent feeling unwell and after being let down by the professionals that were supposed to be helping me, I realized that it is our responsibility to cultivate our own well being. To tune into what our bodies and minds truly desire and to cultivate the self worth that is necessary to make ourselves a priority. 

It is my hope and privilege to support and guide you through the process of discovering yourself. To create a space where you feel safe, confident, and loved enough to express your truest desires and live a sustainable, authentic, inspiring life. 

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